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      "Better us than the Patriots' League," said the younger detective to Hilary as Greenleaf moved off. "They've got your friend down in their Send-'em-to-hell book and are after him now. That's how come we to be--"Mirth, wait thou other whiles;

      "Old man!" panted Hilary, "you've saved my life!"

      "Fred! Fancy Flora Valcour with that smile!"

      How would Esmeralda receive it? It would seem like a stroke from Heaven to punish her.

      "Dropped it," he gasped, and had dropped it where the shell had buried it forever.

      When the ladies left the room he passed the wine diligently. Some of the men remarking it, looked at each other covertly. They had never seen Trafford in this mood before, or, at any rate, for some years. When they entered the drawing-room he looked round for Esmeralda. The magnificent room, with its gilding and innumerable candles, seemed to whirl before him, and the women, in their brilliant dresses, to swim together like the figures in a kaleidoscope. His heart clamored through the stress of his excitement for Esmeralda; he wanted to speak to her, to touch her hand; but she was surrounded immediately, and he could not get near her without pushing aside some of those who encircled her. He felt that he could even do that.



      YesI love you! she said, and she hid her eyes upon his breast.


      "No," cried Constance, "it's the second day's, that Beauregard calls 'a great and glorious victory!'"No, my lady, assented Barker, humbly.