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      "Wait a minute! ... Let me think! ... It's damn funny! ... Riever! ... My God!""That so?" said Si, turning his eyes in that direction. "And he's got some officers with him. There's some officers jest mean enough to help these rebels ketch their niggers. I'd like to knock their addled heads off."260

      Of course, his father couldn't let him go away without giving him something that would contribute to his health and comfort, and at last the old gentleman had a happy thoughthe would get the village shoemaker to make Si a pair of his best stout boots. They would be ever so much better than the shoes the Quartermaster furnished for tramping over the muddy roads and swamps of the South. Si fastened these on top of his knapsack until he should need them worse than at present.

      "Who is she?" he asked, as if Pen were not present."I tell ye, that's no slouch of a shanty!" said he.

      "Still higher," laughed the General, stepping for ward to where the light fell full on his face. "I'm Maj.-Gen. Rosecrans, commanding this army. But don't be disturbed. You've done nothing. You are all entitled to your opinions, as free American citizens; but I will insist that that man had been in the king row, and should be crowned. But you settle that among yourselves.

      "Preposterous!" he cried. "You know I have no such sum to fritter away!"


      Finally they came up to their brigade, which had turned off the road and gone into line-of-battle in an old cotton-field, where the mud was deeper, if possible, than in the road.


      'am I a Soldier of the Cross?' 139


      "Oh go ahead! Tell him I'm sick. Tell him anything you like."