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      Constance and Miranda met Anna groping and staggering out of the chaos. Unharmed, herself, and no one badly hurt? Ah, hear the sudden wail of that battery boy as he finds his one-armed brother! Anna kneels with him over the writhing form while women fly for the surgeon, and men, at her cry, hasten to improvise a litter. No idle song haunts her now, yet a clamoring whisper times itself with every pulsation of her bosom: "The letter? the letter?"

      "Nothing broken but his watch," he gayly comforts them as to Mandeville.

      The commonplace question struck hideously. She shook her head.Greenleaf smiled an admission and her happy eyes closed to mere chinks. What had been told was that Constance had yesterday accepted Mandeville.

      "Oh, Miranda, isn't all this ours?"

      Its Lyrcus! they shouted to the other party.


      I will obey, replied Byssa, but on condition that you dont lay hands on me again.



      As she went down the stairs into the hall, the hound woke and sprung to his feet with a low growl; but when he saw that it was she, he came forward slowly, wagging his tail and looking up at her with loving eyes, and pushed his head against her hand, assured of the caress which she never denied him. She took his head in both her hands and kissed the great smooth forehead almost as lovingly as she had kissed the duke; for both man and dog loved her wellbetter than the husband who believed her to be a vile and guilty woman. The dog would have followed her when she opened the door, but she softly bid him go back, and he stood and watched her with[240] wistful and troubled eyes as the slim figure stood against the darkness of the night for a moment before it disappeared.