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      Norma stood her ground in front of the desk. This, after all, was important "But, Dr. Haenlingen, we"CHAPTER XI. SHORTY RUNS HEADQUARTERS

      Have you never heard of the Confederation impounding records? Or these memos, for instance?

      "None o' your business how I got 'em. They're mine, I tell you. Give 'em to me.""Then it does us some good after all. A sad state we'd be in if the men always had their own way."

      "Did you say that you belonged to the 200th Ind.?"


      "Right dress! Come out a little there on the left! Steady! Without doublin', right face!""They return," Cadnan said, but without complete assurance. In this barrage of novelty, who could make any statement certain?


      "Do ye s'pose the fight's really over?" whispered Pete to Alf Russell, who was just behind him. "Don't you think the rebels just let go to get a fresh hold?""Long ago, the masters come to the world, sent by the Great Elder. We are no more than children. We do not work, we do nothing except eat and sleep and live out our lives in the world. The Great Elder makes us the gift of talking and the gift of trees, and he makes the rules of the trees.