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      "But if I've got to go ... I must thank you," he said.

      Pen leaned against the fence post. A welter of emotions seemed to shatter her; joy, incredulity, terror that her wits might be wandering, anger at his careless air of well-being.

      "True! True!" The Judge turned almost accusingly to Pen. "What possible reason could Riever have had?"

      Another Blow ? The War-song ? The Army at Ticonderoga ? Indian Allies ? The War-feast ? Treatment of Prisoners ? Cannibalism ? Surprise and Slaughter ? The War Council ? March of Lvis ? The Army embarks ? Fort William Henry ? Nocturnal Scene ? Indian Funeral ? Advance upon the Fort ? General Webb ? His Difficulties ? His Weakness ? The Siege begun ? Conduct of the Indians ? The Intercepted Letter ? Desperate Position of the Besieged ? Capitulation ? Ferocity of the Indians ? Mission of Bougainville ? Murder of Wounded Men ? A Scene of Terror ? The Massacre ? Efforts of Montcalm ? The Fort burned.Corporal Klegg heard all this, and he wished the ground might open and swallow him. "These stripes is gone this time, sure!" he said to himself, as he looked at the chevrons on his arm. "But there's no use givin' yourself away, Si. Brace up, 'n' mebbe the Colonel 'll skip ye."

      Pen hearing this, ceased to struggle, and smiled behind the gag. "Well ... let them!" she thought. "It's all to the good!"

      "So it seems."

      Note.On the battle of Ste.-Foy and the subsequent siege, Lvis, Guerre du Canada. Relation de la seconde Bataille de Qubec et du Sige de cette Ville (there are several copies of this paper, with different titles and some variation). Murray to Amherst, 30 April, 1760. Murray, Journal kept at Quebec from Sept. 18, 1759, to May 17, 1760 (Public Record Office, America and West Indies, XCIX.). Murray to Pitt, 25 May, 1760. Letter 359


      They spent their usual quiet evening under the dining-room lamp, Pen with her mending, Pendleton with his newspaper. An instinct of caution warned him not to read aloud any of the comment on the Counsell case. The news of the grand dnouement had not reached Baltimore in time for that morning's paper. They retired early, Pen offering her cheek for the usual good-night kiss.



      "'Deed honey, Ah done come at sun-up this mawnin'. Deed I doggone swear did I!"